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The Inspirement blog and newsletter’s home is on the Substack platform.

Join Christina, Sign Up Now

I’ve decided to build a community on Substack because it is easier to connect and the entire platform is built to support the work of authors and content creators.


The content I’ll be sharing is all about Inspirement - that happy place at the intersection of inspiration and entertainment, this can include sharing my experiences about surviving cancer 2x, working as a trail lawyer, embracing my love of writing, single parenting, and topics such as

●     Academic Achievement

●     Dating, Love, and Sex

●     Relationships & Situationships

●     Imposter Syndrome

●     Mental Health and Well-Being

●     Peer Pressure

●     Race Bias

●     Self-Acceptance

●     Sibling Rivalry

●     Social Justice

●     Spirituality

●     Substance Abuse

●     And more...

Click on the button below to subscribe and get on the list. Be sure to engage in the comments and become part of the Inspirement community.


I look forward to getting to know you.

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