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Karen Roberts Turner

Author | Attorney | Speaker

I'm attorney-turned-author.


My award-winning debut novel, The Other Twin, is written about young African-American college students, but their experiences are relevant and relatable to readers of any age, gender, or ethnicity.


After surviving cancer twice, my mission has become to bring INSPIREMENT wherever I go.


INSPIREMENT is where Inspiration and Entertainment Meet

“Inspirement is that happy place at the intersection of inspiration and entertainment.”


more than a word; it’s a WHOLE VIBE where the work of creatives achieves more than just entertainment.  It encourages, motivates, and yes, inspires.

Debut Release

The Other Twin

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The Other Twin Book

The Other Twin follows twin sisters, Ebony and Essence, as they experience the joys and pitfalls of college life and face the reality that a twin isn’t always a friend. As their “twinship” is tested, the ultimate question is whether it will survive.


An enrapturing and insightful coming-of-age story, The Other Twin has been well-received and has garnered rave reviews from readers of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. It was also named a 2023 Eric Hoffer Award Category Finalist.


The Other Twin has also captured the attention of educators and has been included as part of the curriculum in a Psychology course at a top HBCU and a community college English course.

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